These are the poems I wrote this year in writing.

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Civil Rights Poems

Standing at the podium
the man who set us free is at my back and the reflecting pool is at my front.

When I stare into the reflecting pool.
I can see what our nation could become.
I can see police officers offering us a helping hand instead of using their hands to beat us

I can see firefighters extinguishing our house fires instead of watching our houses burn to the ground

This is not my dream but the dream of my people

poem by Josh R.

Inspired by

I Have a Dream By: Martin Luther king Jr.

More Civil Rights Poems

Walk Walk

Hatred spewing from the

mob that surrounds me

My face

May look like stone but I am afraid

I search
and search for a glint of hope

A smiling face

in the sea of anger

They threaten to hang me

But I remember

Do not let them see me cry.

Inspired by: the Little
Rock Nine.
Author of the book: Shelley Tougas
Poem by: Joshua R.